BIO for David Richeson
David Richeson ~ Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

There is a fine line that separates visual artists and graphic designers – David happens to represent both, including photography.

David’s spark of creativity as an artist can bring to life an expression of it’s own in whatever medium he chooses.  He may be behind the camera lens, putting paint to canvas or designing with a stylus on his computer.   More often a combination of all three sees all David’s passions come to life in the final outcome of his work.  His all-around creative nature and variety of mediums he uses to express himself and his clients brings a level of professionalism to his long career of 30+ years.

He is passionate about working with people to help them realize their own expressions when it comes to something as personal as the design of a tattoo.  When designing business logos, illustrations or webpages, David carefully considers his audience and the best interests of his clients.  As art is personal and a matter of both individual opinion and taste, it’s very important for David to develop a relationship of trust.  His wide variety of clients can attest to David’s everyday passion for the creativity he displays through his art.

David’s passion for the arts started at a very early age with strong creative influences from both his mother and grandmother when he lived in Hamilton, Ontario and continued all through grade school in Edmonton, Alberta.  He furthered his artistic career goals by attending the Alberta College of Art & Design majoring in both Drawing and Print Making while continuing his passions in both Photography and Painting.

Those early influences also sparked David to have an interest in not just playing video games of the 1980’s to learning to design them himself.   By the mid 1990’s David was creating graphic designs for the game “Blades of Passage”  for the Nintendo 64 gaming system in Calgary and in 2000 David relocate to New Hampshire for two years as David is both Proprietor and Creative Director for NuDimension Studios developing a video game  “Local Space” for the PC/X-Box.  Since moving back to Canada David has also created the graphics for ios video game app “Jungle Run” .

Back in Calgary David focuses on his digital photography as his passion for sports, music and travel are well represented on his webpage and other social media sites.  He loves to share his experiences through photography and art with both the casual observer to his web page as well as those that also share his interests in similar forms of media.  David is always willing to learn and grow from new experiences and appreciates your feedback.

A highly skilled and talented artist is what comes to mind when I see any of David’s work.  His unique style and a genuine love for what he does is brought to life in whatever he shares.

Traditional Drawing & Painting - 33 years
Design & Layout- 29 years
Photography - 27 years
Website Design & Layout - 18 years
3D Modeling & Textures - 16 years
Video Design & Editing - 11 years
  1. PC & MAC

  2. Photoshop

  3. Aftereffects

  4. Premiere

  5. Cinema 4D

  6. 3D Studio Max

  7. Lightroom

  8. Corel

  9. Office

Proud to work with
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